Over Time, We Do This To Each Other

Words soften, subtle caress
upon ears, imbued with light held eyes.
Aloft, then settling
in currents of the hearts cascading
over rock; spilling, trilling,
in singing waters we go wading.

‘Tis pain pressed tenderly
against wrapped and fragile bone,
for so long inflicted with the
angst of the unknown. Lo,
hear my wailing pour the wine
Like waves rolled by the ocean.

Pass your gentle hand through me
and sweep away this veil,
between skillful lips
and the awaited kiss,
that draws the ribbons tenderly
from loves unopened gifts.

So little time remains
that I’ve erased the minutes meaning
from anything I can count on,
be they digits, duration, or friends.
Maybe now, never maybe,
Who’s to say “when?”

A life’s pendulous procession
in the pulsing recollection of
moonlit ponds and night blue clouds.
And shadowed owls
saying hooooto the metronome
its rise and fall of swallowed breaths,
that spins the many pointed star suspended,
swinging in my pitch black chest.

And interspace, what is this?
A measure of a thing not there,
an atom, a planet, an anywhere?
The void is filled with wrinkled plans
of faded routes from
me to thee defying
never-again, but then again.

Oh there’s been greater distance felt
with a lover by my side
than I have cherished with
such a glimmering soul,
across a galaxy’s divide.

A soul that sees mountain ranges
as thin as air,
and rivers raging, weathering
but no more than
the silent stream
of a single tear.

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2 Responses to Over Time, We Do This To Each Other

  1. Wow! I stumbled across this by chance. Luck, rather. And now leaving in a trance.