Ignoring the Breeze of a Promise (1/21/06)

Ignoring the breeze of promise
I turn my face into the pillow
And shield your light
In it, tonight, I find only darkness

The phone rings,
And you seem only feet away
Oh if you were,
Only the thin skin of our lips
Would keep us apart

We are flightless in a gilded cage
The latch was forgotten
By the metal forge
A cruel unintentional mistake

Every once in a while
We share the cell
And a kiss teases us
With freedom

Children dance around us
In years not yet counted
They will forget today,
Today, when we parted
And they revved their toy cars
In a patch of sunlight on the carpet

And what was a lifetime to them
Was only moments ago for us
And in a moment, you were long gone
There is a brick office building abutting a lot
Where a barn once stood in the woods

We kissed there,
We defended there,
I will never forget the never-endedness
Of you.

I’ve seen memories come back to haunt me
I’ve aged and cried the same story
Again and again – nothing changes
Except the cast of characters
I am the longest running show
In the Little Theater of life

You will never come through that door
On your own accord
And throw your arms around me
And the seasons will come and go
As our spirits atrophy in the cast iron
Prison of “…love you a lot, but not enough…”

I would take a bullet for you
Even when you anger me.
I hope it only glances me
Because I want to live another day
To feel you, be it heart break or home.

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