Driftwood in Your Ocean

When I am silent,
I am down in my imagination.
I am swimming,
seeing the surface of your eyes,
the sea beneath them,
the currents…

Never mistake my silence for absence.
I am driftwood in your ocean,
you flow above and below.

I seek your presence in the pause..
where the seed of a poem forms.
Such a sweet and quiet place,
your eyes.

I’ve fallen asleep to the essence of you
many evenings..
searching for what you
already hold
and offer
in a kiss.

Delicately compiled from my various drippings and reflections by Maha E.

When someone hears you and assembles you such, into poetic epilogue, this is what happens.  Thank you for seeing the rose through the thorns.

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One Response to Driftwood in Your Ocean

  1. I see the rose and the thorns and I embrace them all.. thank you for your heartspeak.