Bliss is a Master of Disguise

Every story is story within a story.
And clarity doesn’t come while in lotus position,
chanting in dhikr, near death experiences, or love making

(although the latter two can be faintly indistinguishable)

Rather, it is not just in the “doing”
but first in the “being”
It is this that undoes the laxity of existence.

While on a mountain trail,
an epiphany came without a meaning
just a raw feeling that everything
was exactly where and when it should be.

It didn’t happen before or after I encountered this man
walking along a mountain road
with a wounded doe in his arms…
This view was as if it had always been happening,
and I just found myself “in it.”

Why toil the years unraveling something
that took an eternity to tangle.
I acquiesce my understanding
to the happening of now,
The doing of then.

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