The Pebble of Niyat (Intention)

inspirationInspiration is everywhere
Like sand from the beach flying off your heals
still you’ve no idea where a single grain is;
It is not around you, but within,
Where there is not a where.

So then where are you running my friend?

Your niyat is like a pebble within a shoe,
it can change the course of mankind
with little more
than a minor discomfort.


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2 Responses to The Pebble of Niyat (Intention)

  1. such truth in these words…. we become so distracted by the illusions of the outer world, that we neglect our real purpose on this earth… 🙂

    yes, the question is definitely, ” where are you running my friend”? my reply is thanks for the gentle nudge, it is so easy to lose touch with our inner selves, our truth centres… our messages are urgently needed in the world… 🙂