The Passenger

Was it frightening when I went away?
I miss you, when I used to know you.

“I suppose. Were your journeys difficult?
Because I’m still here…climbing, and I miss you too.”

I would often scan the signalling stars
and wish you’d have just come with me instead.

“I would have, but I was swallowed by silence
In the shadows of the wooded edge.”

And I was entranced with the hues on the horizon
wishing only to slip away with the sea going fleet.

“and I could feel the mountain breeze at my back
And the sweet scent of seasons shifting below my feet.”

I watched as you turned toward the trail.

“While I saw you step into the whispering surf.”

Sad and confused I felt my heart deflate.

“Aye, so heavy, I thought mine would burst.”


As the Passenger, I watched each of you,
Traveling the course of creation.
I delivered your lessons along the others path,
and through each other, revealed your station.

Hope waits hidden beyond the reaches,
Free from the hands of time.
You’ve nothing without your faith in the other
And yet all you have is Mine.

Every deep sea and soaring mountain
Returns us to unite along destiny’s coast
So never abandon your own truth’s calling,
For in the end, where you began falling,
Is a passenger’s Heart that awaits you both.

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4 Responses to The Passenger

  1. This is phenomenal !

  2. Exactly what I needed to read today….

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    thanks Diana – for all your amazing work, maybe this comes as some kind of creative reprise…