The Known and the Knowing

Drawing by dear friend Arshia Qasim

I have spent a lifetime trusting men I’ve never personally come to know particularly well on this earthly plane and dimension, and they have never let me down. Rather, it is those I think I know all too well that let me down. But they are not to blame.

It is not in the “known,” but the “knowing.” Perhaps what I know so well in others, that came with so much concentration, becomes just a mirror of myself.  And hence, it is I who let myself down. So who applies the polishing cloth to whom?!

It is the process of knowing, in which we are closest to the essence of that which is known, which itself is its absolute divine conception before it manifested; for all things created must first come from its idea within the creator.  The path of knowledge implies a willful action of transcendence; what is known must pause at a place and time and becomes muddled with judgment, bias, and a general lack of exploration.  What is known sets the “what” aside, detaches it, and disconnects us from further engagement with it.  Seeking knowledge of the idea (knowing), perfects its creation (as a process) and its manifestation in its known state of “what-ness.”

I hear one thing with interested ears, but I listen to its other with only a compassionate heart.

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One Response to The Known and the Knowing

  1. Thank you. This drawing has been awarded identity and meaning by you.