And Finally, We Sleep

Heart beat, let me breathe, “goodbye,”
A shooting star in her midnight sky.
Just one more breath for a candle flame
To slip the grasp of a love in vain.

Night curled bodies, pressed and warm,
Rose petal kisses to quell the storm.
We both knew, but still we held
Each other tightly, breaking spells,

Cast by those who came before,
And left behind an open door.
Now I’m lost on this path you chose,
So as I go, you’ll hear it close.

I’m not who I was, with this hurt inside
But I am who I am, and I never lied.
The painful carving of deliberate words
Your eyes could be such pretty swords.

To catch their flash in a glimpse of time
When I told myself, that you were mine.
I held you close, and close you dreamed
Of things so far away it seemed.

I close my eyes, my ears, my heart
Release your hand, and then depart.
Wake up Dulcinea, wherever you are,
Find your way home, before you dream too far.

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