I Gotta Lot Undoing to Do

When I was down, I got high
When life got in the way, I still got by
There was nothing going ‘round that I didn’t go through
But what you left undone between us, isn’t something that I want to do.

Seems we spend most our lives gettin’ out of the way
Of a sun that’s meant to shine on our darkest of days
Chased by our own shadows straight into the night
Lookin’ back at what won’t work, when the future still might… (whatever)

Friends say I’ve mastered falling down to an art,
Building pretty little piles from what’s been torn apart.
But the pieces that you left are as much as you took,
And no one gets the whole story from reading half of the book.

So when you were up, you put me down
When I got in your way, you ran around
I reaped hope from the furrows, where nothing ever grew
but fixin’ what you’re doin-is more than any man would want to do.

When I think back now what I wish I’d know then,
The same people fool me again and again.
They say hindsight’s 20/20, but to tell you the truth
While I can see through your lies, I’m still blind to the proof.

Yeh, your ghost seems to leap from one girl to the next
And while they keep gettin’ better, I know what’s better ain’t best
If my senses come to find me, they’ll know where I am
I’m just one idea behind, where the thought of you ends.

And when I get down, I still get high.
When life gets in the way, well, I’ll get by.
In fact, there’s nothing [that] comes to mind, that I wouldn’t do
So stop redoing what you undid, so it’s done, and I’ll be over you….

Till then I’m chasing you down, ’cause when I’m down, at least I’m close to you.

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