We are vectors in the stream

Collective totality, whether tiers of Gaia or far beyond, can in one way, be thought of as disconnected parts…yet there is something greater in their integrated whole; a “whole of whole’s” perhaps.

Consciousness, which is dimensionless, weightless, and timeless, nearly wraps itself around these transcendental notions. And awkwardly wading through our consciousness, we are able to communicate in the measurable realm of human expression. But it is fascinating how we ironically wander into conceptions of the immeasurable, running headlong into the blackness of our own inexpressibility. Creativity has limits, creative genius pushes those limits, but collective creation breaks through. All objects are ultimately in animation, whether carbon based, silica, or some other un-humanly-discoverable element. So it is best to be a force in the state of motion, than an object that can simply be moved.

As the sun, I may be able to move the ocean in one direction, as the moon, you may be able to move the ocean in another opposing direction…but as one connected and choreographed singular unit – we are the tides that ebb and flow all over the earth, that brings wind when sails are slack, light when it is night, warmth when it is cold, repose for dawn as the day turns to dusk, and rebirth for the dusk as night turns to morning.

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