Nature Makes Us Ultimately Responsible

That perhaps our presence in the world is quite starkly a plaything belonging to our fundamental provenance. That happiness can be known through the joy of our being received, if only by a silent and benevolent godhead planet hurdling our lives into orbits upon orbits. Oh and love, happiness, peace…these are not bestowed upon us through right or ritual – these feelings are brilliant remains of a paradoxical failure to discover any reason why we should feel otherwise; even when we know reasons abound. 

Happiness in not taking too much heed in distinguishing a direction we are heading from whence we came – thus existing in a moment with an insignificant capacity to hold fear. Consider that fear of outcomes is an enlightening reminder, that we have the freedom to choose between disastrous and reparative courses of action; that we can make mistakes, and hence for us to make these mistakes, then we must certainly control our destiny in so far as making perfectly wrong choices or imperfectly right ones. I cannot claim immunity to the laws of nature no sooner than nature not finding fancy in nipping at the fleeing heels, and flowing hair of humans. 

Still, when I can no longer stand myself, nothing else will.

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