Change Without Begins Within

It is easy to forget, and impossible to know, that where we are today is the result of a change someone made or failed to make in the past.

These subtle forms of complicity are more treacherous than rotten deeds that precede them.

They taught us in land navigation that the best way to never get lost is to shoot our azimuth (direction we wish to go) at the farthest object in the distance along that azimuth.   “Keep your eye on it, and go.”  Little things get in the way; a tree, a house, a lake, but the same principal applies in circumnavigation.  Pick a mountain peak, a tower, and go.

As we unite to change society as a culture, it’s also important to consider how we engage the tempo of change within ourselves – our individuality.  I may not be the perfect “person” today, but over span of my life, I can become more perfect through recalibration (change) applied to my own behavior.  Extrapolating this across an eternity – if I recognize Karma, and my faith or religion embodies this – then perhaps the entirety of my imperfect life, is redeemed through continual moral recalibration; I become more perfect through the countless soul journeys and incarnations beyond the bounds of This – One – Life.   The reasons of small change today may not become clear until another lifetime.  And even then, the soul we’d become, would know little of what it chooses today… your soul “today” has the advantage of knowing.  Personal change happens in the “now-ness” of being…there is nothing to wait until tomorrow for.

Within our True heart, is the compass of divine direction.  Where is your heart pointing?  Find the true unchangeable heart center, and it will navigate the changes around you.  The unchangeable (immutable Truth) can cause change… can endure change, is the result of change.


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