Who is Poet: Twenty Five Words Away from Truth

Some of us
just write the poems
we hear in the hearts of others,
so tell me then,
who is poet
and who is listener?

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4 Responses to Who is Poet: Twenty Five Words Away from Truth

  1. some days we are neither. Some days we are the poets and some days we are the listeners. It is our union with life that allows us to ” flow” between our souls. gratitude 😉

    • yes… seems to be a mantra lately…. poems are neither of the heart, nor of the mind….neither spoken, nor heard…a poem is simply a bridge between them. I just finished reading Nizami’s Layla and Majnun. I’m humbled by the brilliance of love.

      • A beautiful piece of work… I love the guitar playing of Eric Clapton, especially his song ” Layla” and absolutely LOVE the guitar in the opening of this song. In my research of many years ago, I understand it was Nizami’s piece who inspired Clapton to write his song ” Layla” for his lovely wife Pattie of the day… such love still to this date… 🙂 thanks for sharing…