My dear and clear friends, I find it ironic that the easiest can be so difficult. I heard a sojourner at the rail sigh and say into his glass of ale, “…this proclivity for circumlocution and periphrasis has been a wonderful journey, but it’s last call, and I really should be getting to the point now…”

“In the past 8 years, I could haven returned to school and been a doctor, a lawyer, both. I could have learned to fly jets or signed on to a vessel and sailed the world, and then have bought a boat. I could have run for office or be writing my next novel in the alps…sipping authentic swiss miss cocoa. I could have found the missing nukes or become a priest! Right now I could have been….

And YET, in the past 8 YEARS, one would think that NOT taking time to do ANY of these things, I could have come up with one good idea of what I plan to do for the NEXT 8 years… or at least given someone else an idea…

IN THE PAST 8 MINUTES – I could have…called my mother,

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