Quips for the Quipish (part 2)

I would rather be incised by Occam’s razor in an act of mercy, than coddled by mis-intended sincerity.

I cannot suffer a man who deftly climbs the shoulders of idiots to vehemently purport his wisdom. For a wise man well versed in the ways of a fool, finds useful similarities for both, rather than useless differences for himself.

I’ve picked up many a stone, etched with words of encouragement…but none so fulfilling to me as those I’ve scribed and left behind

Lies are the salt pressed into the open wounds of truth…

I’m just a reluctant bon vivant with 10 unruly typing fingers who apparently conspire with the warped underworld of my mind.

One need not purge an experience that has let them down, in order to heal. There can be no regeneration of spirit, when the injury is discounted – hm, emotional “corpus delicti?” Or is it “esse causa doloris remedium esse?” Where’s a lawyer when you need one?

Imagine cause and its effect like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… One is too sweet, the other leaves you dry in the mouth – together, not so bad – especially with cold milk (unless you are lactose intolerant – then I recommend cherry Koolaide)

Everyone has a magnetic north – sometimes we just need to examine the metal filings left in the path of another to realize it..

Health care, health reform; my taxes, their taxes; 90%, 10%; constitutionality; bla-bla-higher, bla-bla-lower; yes, no; da, nyeht; Those who make up all the questions, make up all the answers.

I’m always confused by traffic…and nuclear physics. but i’m drippin wit “yo”

The weight of the beer in my hand became less stressful with each sip.

I love a good storm, whiny midwestern girls, bicycling witches, and spitball sized dogs name Toto….I’ve sealed and barricaded the doors with the children. It’s all good.

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