Sunrise in Infinite Moments

Two lives pirouette in a pristine moment
Slipping by the sentries of time
If all were dark, one star, one spark
Would inspire their hopes to align.
A quarter moon floats in the northern lights
So many years ago
Lighting her path for a wayfarer
But not this body, as so.
His pen hastens echoes in silence
And for her, no words, no need
His every sentence a hour, asks
Why sooner, can’t it be?
Souls spinning dreams at their nexus
Hearts and minds that do not forget
The sound of a voice calling them home
tis mute, softly desperate.
Facing paths of thorns, fire, and rock
Mountains along the way
Gathering forever to fill the void
Of an instant held at bay.
Her eyes are liquid constellations
His words are steps, they start to climb
Steady and knowing, like diamonds and garnets
To forever remember this time.
The sunrise pulls them in weightless,
Free, and one, in the other’s presence
Her eyes fill the void of a lifetime
In Three minutes, and thirty nine seconds
(a collaboration!)

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