Still Nothing to Say

Every dereliction of duty
Each hesitation
One moment of indecision
in a shifting wind,
finds me swaying in your mirror
I pause and then…

Every button that slips silently
Into its hole
reminds me of this quiet kismet,
game of words we wear.
You strike a match,
I light on fire.
Tis’ my turn now,
Your next word…

I loved her without food
And my body withers away
and still
I stay
So much shared, unbeknownst,
I’ve nothing to trade for love,
but love.
Yes, I threw my scale against the rock,
it broke in two
one gold, one dross.

Were you not here to love,
I’d still love you,
I’d still
Write for all the readers-blind
Recite for all the listeners-deaf
Paint until the canvas dries
and bend this note
with your absent breath.

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One Response to Still Nothing to Say

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Whoever she is, must be a goddess of a woman.