Stars (3/16/05)

How many times have I looked up in the sky
To feel a tear roll back

I never saw you, but I knew you were there
Obscured by the fog of a bad day,
Engulfed by the sun
A sailors moon
Chasing Away clouds
Reflecting off the
Hearing nothing, never sounded so bad
Darkness, giving up, are you there
If so, leave me alone
I’ll find you, it’s better that way

Falling star, beautiful as it burns up in the atmosphere, catching fire, burning out, maybe making it to earth, or just becoming part of the ether in the atmosphere.

What is left for me in that universe
Can I share
That last falling light, disappeared, plummeting into the ocean of your soul,
How many stars fill your heart
Was it gravity
Failure to fly
Or a homecoming for the those that have never been
Arranged, placed gently in the heavens by the angels
Shuffling with the music of God, solar winds

The waters rippled as if the
Throwing the silken blanket of
Catching the stars
The stars, reflecting in the dew drops on the grass

——————–stuff below –drafted from last night – —– need an extension, I have anthrax—

Suspended in their infinite depth
The light reaches us years after the flame ignites
And we smile and muse at these tardy dispatches
Odd, that only long after we are gone from this world
Is the moment of our acknowledgement reciprocated,
Even after they too are extinguished
So this comedy of mistimed love affair continues with the heavens
We, exchanging smiles with a face we know is gone from existence
The conundrum of returning to a sender who is no longer there.

And here by the fire
In this sandy pit
I listen to the waves run to the shore
Tattling tales from far out on the ocean
Who’s great arc bends the seawater over the distance
Around the horizon
Where whispers from distant shores are heard in our imagination
Lost at a sea,
The Transcontinental chasm of misshapen, asynchronous anecdotes

And you and I are mired in this mud ball
A human conglomerate
Spinning around one star
while so many others beckon from beyond
And out of nowhere, I love you
Illuminates, the rise and fall of the sun light
Like the end of an intermission

The sun sets, as the encore begins
The audience of stars rise, clapping not loudly
Yet their applause flickers in the distance
As my light plummets into the western ocean of you soul
Yours rises majestic in the east
And for a brief moment,
The runner from the dusk sun is connected
To the glow of dawn
The gap lessens and we don smiles
Not for the fathomless distances of interstellar space
But for our closest star,
a mere 93 million miles
We are as close as close can be

Like the bespeckled heavens
We make patterns, we forget them in the day,
until the darkness comes

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