Quips for the Quipish

1.  It seems I am only misunderstood for trying to have people understand me for something I am not.  Why is something so easy to understand, then so difficult.

2.  You’ll never please everyone being yourself, least of all yourself if pleasing everyone is your objective.

3.  Being anything other than yourself, is akin to offering your weaknesses with blind compassion, rather than your strengths, with glowing passion.

4.  If you meet a shoe-Less person on the street, taking yours off to be like them is not Nearly as compassionate as keeping yours on and carrying them.

5.  And finally, simple mathematic progression: 

“If 10 people true unto themselves enter into a room, and remain that way, there are 55 different relationships.  If each of those 10 behaves like another to appease their relation, then there are 765 possible relationships.  If 2 just focus on each other, there’s just 1.”

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