Love’s Fool and Fortunate One

boxxoHe was love’s fool
A drop of rain
In a downpour of seasonal shame
A farthing in the fountain
Spent on wishes
Glistening in the fenlands
Of unreplenished riches

A plea, among the rustling
In a vast forest of variegated leaves
Sorrow among garrulous winds gusting
A path through
His wooded pathos
Blazed with love and lusting

When a tear finds wing
On a falling leaf
Snapped from the limbs
by currents of heat
rockabye’d into halcyon
so misery and his aerie companion
Forge a new coin
in an empty hand, that is

Thrown and flipping along an arc
A pinwheel casting solar sparks
Purling hope in a tumbling fall
promises anything can happen
To anyone
at all.

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