It Just Hurts (7/27/05)

It just hurts.
Something cold to drink,
something like ether to reflect on.

Across the vast sea of hope and possibility,
The bounty and debris of shipwrecks
Drift in and out of contact
Here and gone, here and gone.

In the views interceded by ocean swells
He walked out into the waves
And the wind swarmed in to keep her company
A figure poised with grace in the sand.

The moon was running up from below the horizon
Rushing to cast light from the east.
And as the sun set in the west,

Their breathing slowed
Unfelt, inaudible over the intertidal.
Not even did the ocean understand.

The spirits on the dunes
Watched over the two silhouettes
Looking out at an empty ocean
We’re different now, but “different” isn’t gone.

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