Fast Food Pair of Dice Lost

Kite strings launch with random Lurching
Taco bell and silent burping
Streams of marbles
Rubbing shoulders
Aspire to be like checkered boulders
With collars up and spring insoles
Big fat men on tall brass poles
Spinning down on sluggish
Moles, who
Scamper and hide
In Panera bread bowls.
Roll the bones,
those lucky scones;
Raise the jambs and raid the homes.
Greedily grabbing a snake bit apple
slipping in a schmear of scrapple
news sound bites
through crumbs of breath
with honey mustard death.

(Starbucks now offers the Trenta, 30 ounces cold drinks! I ordered a Trenta Coconut Frappuccino only to be sent away with a Venti – it seems Starbucks maintains standards for how many calories it offers to it’s customers in a single serving. So not to be outdone I ordered two Venti’s.)

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