Bathing Angels

Were the angels here to gambol upon your heart

And laugh like sighs beneath seaside skies

Where stars blink on, as I close my eyes

And waves curl over, and a heron flies

Where a crimson coast goes dark.

Were you here beside me, when I thought I was alone

Running barefoot as the thermals cross

And took no heed if the time was lost

Never stopped sharing no matter what the cost

I’d have promised if I’d known.

We both ambled in the surf for driftwood down the beach

Speaking of dreams we forgot it seems

While angels plucked on fragile strings

Fretting memories and failing schemes

Of things all along within our reach.


Over thunder at sea,

When we’re oceans apart.

And were I there

She’d sail off to sleep

To rise

With breaths like her

That…and vanquish.

At the window, I hear the thunder

Your heart beats like mine

And your exhale sounds like mine

We’ve had oceans to cross

With wounds and

Mountains between us.

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