A kiss that toppled the world

Out in the surly seas,
a tidal wave toppled out of the sky
conjured by the secret teamwork of moon and sun,
from a once a gentle ripple,
And that, stirred by a wondering kiss
that broke the benign surface of time. White.

There in the perpetual midnight
souls surface and submerge
in the violent wake of love
Which lays out its victims
And then lifts them up
Drowning and reviving them all at once. Black.

Like a deep red rose petal
gliding softly along a shining silk sheet,
rippling sinuously
In concert with an ocean breeze
careening through sheer blinds
in an unfastened window – Blue.

Waves lunge and finally collapse,
and roll up the thirsting sand, gleaming.
And the two, sand and water, slide back to sea
In a chorus of never ending crashing wave on wave,
The exhalation of sea foam, and the muffled chimes
Of churning shards of broken shells. Yellow.

Other than sunlight and ocean air
Softening edges in the sea side room,
It is empty and thick with anticipation
My companion, until you come back.
For now, footprints on the beach
Only pass by.

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