Wistful Astronomer

Image Credit & Copyright: Colleen Pinski
Image Credit & Copyright: Colleen Pinski

Wistful Astronomer

Still the wistful schoolboy
aspiring to become her astronomer.
Through the long scope of imagining eyes,
I thought to kiss her lips,
perhaps to strike a spire
of light
upon her celestial diffidence.

With my transit and theodolite,
I steadied vigilantly.
Cold steel talons anchored
into this mountain of granite,
yet my soul, a nimbus, drifts asunder.
Had she been my hidden star?
Or am I hers,
I wonder.

I could look no closer
even were her eyes my own.
Through lenses and mirrors
her love is shone,
still I gaze at things
I once wished upon,
now afloat in the ocean,
… shards of halcyon.

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    Anonymous says:

    Sparkling light.