We Knew Too Much

We knew too much to continue our lives
and into the darkness we fell
A poem was written, we reviewed it,
but realized we already knew of the downfall of men
so why continue the poem,
but it was beyond the end that the sweetness came.

There in the dark waters of the poem, a star fell in the distance.
It’s ending burst into a haunting arc of light that rolled light in the wake of it’s ripples.
I could see the …

I was in the hall of mirrors… and could see most clearly the unfathomable depth of what the poet meant.
The secret to the poems ending is not with the poet, but his reader.

Our failures are not defeat, they are oceans waves rushing the beach
I’ve sent you many messengers, each here to disrupt the status quo

The javelin of knowledge is thrown by fools
To land in the hearts of wisdom.

(What was written above came to me on the barely waking edge of a dream…and on this edge, I was compelled to write it automatically.  I was not in control and I cannot bring myself to “edit” it.)

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  1. Nor should you…. 🙂