The Key within a Key

We said we’d wake before the sun
How many times had we done this before
…woken to silence,
with no words to speak
no other beside us to hear our
plaintiff notes, fears, and wishes.
but those that were lost to our minds
waiting to be unleashed in dreams.
Hungry thoughts
that pace the cage of the consciousness
Like a circus tiger
inches in front of you, but miles away.
We woke
that we might find closeness
that we might find freedom
A companion waiting
poised in an auspicious moment
graceful in the waning night and solitude
standing before the soul of another
having only to create or fall back asleep.
Oh to love purely like this
through the bars between us
that were built by others.
And feel the hand of hope reaching in
past the dormant guard of darkness.
It is how I am to release myself,
to release another
For the key to their heart
is locked within my own.


“Surrender” picks the lock
of an imprisoned heart
Fear not what approaches
He’s relieved the guard

What stirs this night
Is just a man
Here before,
Has come again.

He takes the shape
Of a loving calm
Cup bearer, sweet wine
Dhul Jalal Wal Ikram

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3 Responses to The Key within a Key

  1. Avatar vamsi sai mohan
    vamsi sai mohan says:

    Suffice is that:You are the one of the few greatest poets who doesn’t blink but beholds to unswervingly stare at the eye of the nature…..I am blessed to read your thoughts…thank you…:)