Real Love In A Series of Affirmations


  • Real love is the endlessness of a mirror’s own reflection in another
  • Real love binds the sheep, the wolf and the shepherd together in compassion
  • Real love is an impenetrable wall of wisdom between you and what you only think you love
  • Real love cannot be given by or to, nor forged into a palace soaring around us; it is only submitted to within the fathomless self
  • Real love is more patient with us than we are with it
  • Real love is lost in the beginning of a whisper and returns at its end screaming
  • Real love is jealous of any other kind of love
  • Real love can have warm lips in the winter and a cold heart in the spring
  • Real love is the last that you will learn of your self when you first know it within another
  • Real love is just beyond where the tip of the flame disappears
  • Real love is shared between constants not variables
  • Real love is as it is and not how it should be
  • Real love is a brilliant flash giving us but a glimmer of our frailty through an everlasting glow of our strength
  • Real love is the very same mortar between the bricks of the mosque, the church, and the synagogue
  • Real love persists most when it is pursued least, and never fled
  • Real love is in the direction a broken compass points that when followed leads you home
  • Real love is last ticket to anywhere; the water, the ferryboat, and the captain; and most of all, the continents it spans
  • Real love leaves no trace of it ever having come, its footprints are yours
  • If you find real love, let go of it…do not name it… the real Real has found you.
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