Poverty and Pride

“Faqr Fakhri”

The poverty of the heart,
empathizes with the lonely, the downtrodden.
For it shares what little it has,
and the less it has,
the more valuable what it gives becomes.
I’ve only one thing,
there is no other,
so who can be poor,
when choosing one among one,
and receiving it all?

I am the poor scribe of my own soul.
A wealthy writer
wields a pauper’s pen…
for only that kind of thirst
could draw up the ink
from the unfathomable well of the divine.

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7 Responses to Poverty and Pride

  1. beautiful, deep words…. written directly from the soul within… 😉

  2. Now this resonates. I love it!

  3. People can read this and say things like “It resonates with my heart” Trust me, I don’t mean this comment in any way to be negative about the person who wrote that. It was well intended. But was it written because there were beautiful words written and seemed like it was a beautiful thing to say, and then on to the next post of some kind? Did it actually mean anything?

    I have really been taking a look at the kinds of things people say when they respond to posts, even my posts, especially a post that tells you something that comes from deep inside. It is hard for many people to talk about things inside them, let alone write about it so other people can read it. It takes courage to lay yourself open like that. Writers, poets, songwriters are more apt at finding the words that expresses why they write about the things they do. Maybe other people can’t.

    Your first line: There are so many downtrodden. So many who have lost hope, for whatever their personal reasons are. Have they been pushed away from society? From family? From themselves? Is their heart lonely? Could it possible take only one person to show they care, to give him the courage to try one more day? Do any of these readers know what that feels like, to be that far down? Do they really understand? Where exactly in this poetry did it resonate with the reader? What did it mean to him?

    When one has so little to give and still has the ability to give it, it has more value than anything, for at the end, when there is no more time to give anything – something I have shared with many people, ” The only legacy when can ever leave behind is the effect we have on other people” The legacy this man may be leaving could be a lot more valuable than one who has lots of money to leave behind. If you can effect another life and he in turn affects another – that is the way we change humanity.

    I suppose that any reply is good. At least it is better than no reply, which is better than just getting a ‘like’. When I have poured a part of myself into something that I feel means something and get back only “great post”, my questions back is, “why do you think that?” Why does it resonate? Why is it”nice”? Nice?? Can nothing be said as to why it is found to be nice.?

    I have 2 blogs. The one I consider my main blog, because I am writing a book to go with it is http://mynameisjamie.net. I also am an improvisational composer of piano music. There is post named – In Prison – Who do You Have to Care About Your Day? On it is a media file of the last piece I recorded. “Blindfolded Pain” I was very mentally hurting when I played it. If someone wrote just the word “nice” ? It’s hard to have a conversation about that.

    If interested my other blog is http://watchandwhirl.com. I pretty sure you have been to one or the other. As for you – I will continue to read. Thank you.