What does this poem mean?

She asks me, what does my poetry mean?
Understanding my poetry is something earned
through it’s arduous journey from the shores of your mind
to the plateaus of your heart.

There is no right of passage, no words to honor here.
This poem is just a seductive container,
it’s contents manifest in your struggle to feel love and understanding
from the gift received, not the commodity purchased.

The true poet is the reader,
the alchemist, who can extricate the precious metal from dross.
I unravel my secrets through writing,
your secrets are the ribbons to be pulled from the package.

This poem is just soil,
you are the seed, the gardner, the rain and sun.
Whatever flower within you grows from it’s understanding
is known only by God, then you.

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2 Responses to What does this poem mean?

  1. Avatar skyblueandblack
    skyblueandblack says:

    Your heart..

  2. YES!