“Water derives its color form the vessel that holds it.”

~~ Sufi Al-Junaid of Baghdad

moon4sufiBehold the Moon, she loves the Sun so deeply,
that all we see of her
is the solar light of her beloved
reflecting off of her lunar surface,
otherwise dark and invisible.

How pleased the Sun must be,
to behold such a blushing beauty –
to know that of himself –
his own disclosure,
manifested within another
so supplicant
as his moon.

With such burgeoning love,
all the moon comes to know of herself
is the source which fulfills its desire
which blushes her cheeks.

Thus, the Sun and Moon,
become indistinguishable
in the shared singular light.
Mirror images,
each mirroring the other.

The Moon speaks,

What else can I be
but the reflection of my Beloved,
what else then is my Beloved,
besides that which illuminates
my own hearts essence.

And so the Divine One
Presented humans with the Cosmos
so that their human hearts might look up and observe
these celestial bodies,
and take lesson.

What I see within the heart of another,
is my heart looking into itself.

It is God’s “plan of reflection,” that two thus exist
so that God’s pure light
is reflected in and by both.

A vision of oneself
with the psycho-physical faculties of oneself
is a State of Solitude
and Attribute of Aloneness.
It is meditative Gnosis of Self

When the place of vision is shifted
through the presence of another
Their relationship itself
fulfills the archetype of that union we seek with

The conjoined reflection itself,
finds a Deeper State of Solitude
within the nexus of a placeless place.
And this nexus is in the Heart.


So what of the Moon and the Sun, themselves
In their solitude – how do they reconcile
Divine and Human love?

From Gnosis of Self
The seeker within the lover
moves toward Gnosis of Universe
then Gnosis of God.

‘–   from Ghanood to Adraak
to immersive Warood
Then Kashaf
a key turns
Fatah of Shahood
Then fana al fana
toward fana fillah
wa Baqaa billah  –‘

As the gaze of
the supplicant lover
and the beheld beloved
volley in the same light between them,
their love for the other
ponders the archetype of there being “no other.”

Who then to love, if the Sun and Moon become one
how are they to be none-other to each other,
if there is no “other.”

So begins the haj and jihad between
Ishq-majazi (Love of Gods Creation) and Ishq-haqiqi (love of Truth)
The Moon and Sun seek haqiqi with None-other but God
but have majazi for no other but each other
Can the moon and sun unite
to dissolve “other-ness”
Or does the annihilation of self (other) in majazi
become idolatrous?

Perhaps, the Sun and Moon
are alone as one with each other,
but One Alone In God.

Nothing can be more truthful
than beholding with the heart,
that which cannot be seen with the eyes
It is God’s indescribable light
streaming through.

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  1. profound, poet.

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    profound, poet.