In an Instant

Merciful pain reveals to you
that the ghosts of those you love
are real, and those departed you thought were real,
…never were.

Do not unhand your own self-awareness
to take the hand of a divinely bestowed beloved
For God takes back all His greatest gifts
except the one you give freely…

And you cannot give,
what you do not yet understand.
You cannot be the wine,
if you do not know your own intoxication.

Love withheld is an obstacle,
Love relinquished,
clears the path.
It is these two actions,
like inhaling and exhaling,
that are more important than breath itself.

Be what you are becoming in this moment,
for each moment is a promised eternity
revealed within yourself
in an instant.

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One Response to In an Instant

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Stunning, my dear.