God In, God Through

God “in” the other is really God “through” the other.
inhale of a beloveds kiss fans the flames of higher awareness…
Sensual journey toward a divine arrival.
God is everywhere and everywhere,
and where there is not a “where.”

So much exploration within the illusion of nexus (between Beloved and lover)
creates the very distinction we pray is not there…
just as the atheist creates his own awareness of God
through his vigilant quest for more attributes of Him to refute.

Men’s hearts are still ships awaiting the wind of the lover;
for the catch of slack sails,
Breeze inhaled, that they might cross oceans
to find the Beloved… exhaling.

Lovers in the throes of passion should embrace the ritual as prayer.
A man ignorant of all but praying to none but One idol in a synagogue,
shall have his prayer admitted beyond the threshold.
There’s a beautiful story about this with Gabriel.

Two lovers in bed… offer the same…
I believe in sacred unions…
they are temple, church and mosque.
They innocently make idols of each other,
but submit that each is only a “doorway”
to the same God neither can fully know.

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