Bed bound and solitudinous

Bed bound and solitudenous
Out beyond the edge of reason,
beyond where my senses can claim
I cannot sleep or wake…
nor dream.
A state of insouciant stillness.
Bereft of unnecessary memories.
I am not loved,
I do not love
in ways I can any longer understand.
Stark states of stalemate,
Melpomene and Thalia
hunched over game pieces,
of a drunken heart
lamenting all a sober mind must reason.
When liquid gold and golden light
take to loving,
we as humans, are no match.
Either of these elixirs
in their limpidness,
Bronzes our throat,
smothers our breath,
consumes our vision.
Lingering on the last
still drift of sulphur, struck…
My flickering writhe
is a lambent match flame
Leaning in
to kiss a wild bonfire.

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One Response to Bed bound and solitudinous

  1. profoundly resplendent….