A Heart Filled With Emptiness

Everything enters the mind
through the hidden passages of the heart.
On this journey of beauty,
wade not in through details, but whirl in wonder.

You complain of an empty heart,
yet drown in the rising tide of its echoes.
Your heart is not truly empty, else love
would most certainly have come to roost by now.

One that whines does not have an empty heart,
but rather a heart filled with emptiness.
Stop beating your fists against invisible walls;
you cannot push through a door that opens towards you.

You tie your turmoil into tiny silk satchels,
steep them in bejeweled cups of boiling water
and stir bitter tea, sweeten falsely, drink up anxiously,
and burn your tongue.

Gather up the emptiness from your heart,
jump into the burning sun … and bake.
Your emptiness is not sated by more content.
Those believing they hold a heart, have not the arms to let go.

When love finds you, do not receive it as replacement.
With whom but yourself do you barter, negotiate, and compromise?
Throw the merchants out of the bazaar;
all here is freely given and received in the commerce of the heart.

Your beloved shining in your pellucid eyes
reveals the bounty within the shadows.
Dive deeper into those dark depths
filled with nothing but the light awaited.

Let rain fall in all directions,
let water flow upstream… be all that you are not
and let not what you are now
become all that you wish to know.

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