Essay on the Oneness of Being

A mystic seeks to sense what he knows is beyond the capabilities of his own instrumentation. He knows the search is an abandonment of all he knows…and perhaps all he knew that he sought to refine. It is surrender, submission not to anything, but of oneself. All we know, is reflected back as illusion from polished illusions… and this is not to say we should ignore illusions, and least of all, it is not to say we should not keep the surface of knowledge clean and smooth. The states of reflection lead to deepening states of self-cognizance and self-cognizance is the result of an abandonment of all tools and faculties used to cognize outside oneself. Unity.

If you are seeking God outside of yourself, the path will never begin, for you will have decomposed all that requires no proof. For no matter how much “proof” you amass, you cannot expect to recognize the totality of some thing if you cannot understand totality Itself as an essence. The most all-encompassing answers come from the most well articulated question, manifested in an individuals “highest state.” Indeed, the perfect question contains its own answer… you cannot measure that which is beyond measure.

All is oneness of being (creator), and as creation (the created), there is oneness of perception. The One reflects Itself as One, within a Single multiplicity. And the universe shares the single essence “…of existing… “ Even non-existence exists in God’s consciousness, so vast and incomprehensible is this. So, as a human being – know yourself as nothing else than the essence of “existing.” Let go of attachment – stop just short of being a man, a father, a soul, an anything – just be. To say ONLY “I am” is the most confounding statement – despite its simplicity. I can only grasp this by encasing “being” with “being-ness.” There is no effort in simply being… like a tree; as if a tree exists via “being-ness” no more or less than we do…

There cannot be anything other than what is… Nothing to do, nothing to say, nothing to be. Just “being-ness.” Why do we remove ourselves from the Wholeness of Being – and create so much “stuff” to occupy, distract, or appease our consciousness. If we simply exist with an awakened consciousness, the fog of multiplicity lifts.

Seek “awareness” of nothing… attach awareness to nothing – “la illah” for there is only One Being… whose Being-ness (without attributing being-ness to God….). Don’t seek the Being of God… seek only “being unto yourself.” He will manifest within your own cognizance, and you as “immersed in being-ness” will come to know Him as Being. “He who knows himself, knows God.”

He is the Real, you are the reflection. Consider yourself before a mirror. Your reflection is only as aware of you, as you are of it. Then what is the mirror? What is that surface that stands between you, yet so accurately creates an illusion of “you.” The surface of the mirror is ego… and its dissolution is the ultimate merger of a reflection and that, which is being reflected… one and the same.

All of humanity is a scintillating ocean; a never ending twinkling of sunlight; without which there is neither darkness, nor light. Each ray sent as a soul arriving, each ripple is a life awaiting, each quick sparkling on the corrugated surface is a ray striking for the sole purpose of returning to its source. The entire ocean is the perturbation of incarnation so that the sun might know itself; the ocean surface is a glistening facetted diamond reflecting the source, the sun. We are ripples, nothing more, reflections on the polished surface of humanity.

Every birth is glistening reflection, every death a reunion of light with its source.

You cannot seek what you already are, in any place or at any particular time – there is no place – you are. There is no time – you are. There is no path to take – you are.

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