So Close

It won’t be that much longer then
Just another lost day as dusk roles in
And the sun exhales long shadows
From a heart red far horizon.

I know getting too close to anyone
Is something you could not bear
But I’d not be here alone writing this song
Were it not for the company of your being there.

Because being close to you,
is the furthest thing on my mind…
and getting ahead of myself (with you)
just leaves us farther behind.

I’ve watched the endless pageantry
From the curbside like a child
These rock-a-by days as I drift off to sleep
Tracing the softening curves of your smile.

It’s way too close to a memory
Too close to a once-upon a lifetime chance
You’ll both forever hear the music,
But never again get so close…
close enough to dance.

I never thought I’d get this far
was the furthest thing on my mind…
When she left, I was sure it was me
Being left behind.

And the buildings press against the streets
Etched through New York City
When the sky goes cobalt blue
and your eyes go soft as the stars peak through,
That’s as close as I’ll need to get
That’s close enough to feel you.

Just promise to keep your distance
From the hopes you’ve left behind
And love within in yourself,
What another lover seeks to find.



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