Saruhan Caravanserai – Cappadocia, Turkey

Caravanserai - Cappadocia, Turkey

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2 Responses to Saruhan Caravanserai – Cappadocia, Turkey

  1. Avatar Dan Dieterich
    Dan Dieterich says:

    you’ve given me something that I’ve been in search of for quite some time. The seeker knowing what he seeks and can contemplate and describe in tremendous intoxicating detailed almost grating yet smoothly smothering intricacy what his journey has held and holds. without a forlorn contemptuous misgiving (at least overwhelmingly) , you have hope and faith in your muzzled cries and I can’t wait to read more. Thank you.

    • Thank you Dan. Most, if not all, of these poems have been edited very recently. Some significantly. And many more have been created. They will be appearing in two books that I will be publishing for release in about 4 to 6 months. If you’re interested as a reviewer I would be happy to chat! Muzzled cries… This Seeking may have presumed an external that, low and behold, is internal and not distinct at all. It makes all this writing, oddly, useless in so far as getting me anywhere other than where it all started. Writing has made an object of its subject and a subject of its object where the was once never before a difference. There is only one reason I recite, and it doesn’t even need a reason! It is quite humorous!