Victims of Education

I’ve had to sign over a dozen inane forms giving permission for and acknowledging the dangers of cooking and sewing class, gym activities, sensitive topics in life science, specific exercises for specific parts of the the body and on and on.

What a sad and litigious world…such fear…that our educational system has become so untrustworthy of itself that it kicks up a cloud of cover-your-ass minutia. Sad that, I’d never considered loopholes for litigation until I found myself entwined in the ropes of my own signature on many sheets of paper. Sad that my tax dollars go to general counsel rather than toward basic school supplies.

How about we all sign an agreement that my daughter be taught the truth; that her imagination and individuality will be stimulated in order to explore unique methods and paths to this truth; paths that allow the assimilating of unfiltered history and science and mathematics and literature offered through uncensored, 360 degree views of society and the world with which she lives…by educated, enlightened, and sufficiently numbered and enabled teachers. And don’t tell me she’s not old enough to explore truth – she is…she is if she can flip through the channels to the MTV video awards and gasp at a twerking child acting like a harlot; if she can know before I do the “blanks” that are bleeped out for profanity; and if she blushes during sexually suggestive scenes on network television.

Let’s expose them to the truth and prepare them to be makers of history, rather than victims. Give me THAT form to sign!

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