On Trust

Trust is the blend of belief and action…belief in motion, motion believed. It is not just given to another, but also earned and accepted with both emotional and intellectual acknowledgment. If trust were just a voice, it would mean little without ears to hear it. There are many forms of trust and each requires “self-awareness” before the “awareness of other.” Trust is a sphere, an ethereal world between two people with their own latitudes and longitudes of permitted change. A world, where secrets, promises and contracts are merely contrived words that approximate trust, but there is something immeasurable and beyond the bond. An indescribable glow in a snow framed window of a cold dark night; whenever you go there, no matter what, you just know they’ll be there too – you need not ask. To be entrusted BY another, you must show your true self to them and you must open your eyes to how they value themselves, their beliefs, their feelings – this is the real estate of their existence – with it’s gardens and shelters. It is the turning up of ones cards first – the boxer who first drops his gloves when the bell ends the round…they trust you, they can be trusted. It is not the revelation of a vulnerability with expected protection, but the demonstration of strength and capacity to protect. The seal of trust marks the gates of love…and even when love has run out between two people, trust is willing to remain. But, once out side the gate – love is lost, unremembered, unhonored.

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