NOW is about time!

Listen up – before you wipe that tear of happiness from your eye….THERE IS NO PAST TO RECONCILE IN ORDER FOR YOU TO MOVE FORWARD – OKAY!? THERE IS ONLY A NOW TO WHICH YOU MUST CONCEDE.

It’s amazing how often we relinquish the joy and anticipation and tears of appreciation for someone’s good fortune, especially our own, because we question, “why now? why not then? but what about this? but I — dot dot dot!” bla fuckin bla!” There IS PURE joy…but before you set you mind and precious energy on proving me wrong, here’s the deal, you dont even get the privilege of being MEDIOCRE at making that joy; how dare you. Joy is a gift (ah – doesn’t matter who it’s from) , be grateful for that split second of it…the past is just a bunch of “Joyful NOWs” that you should have clenched with all your heart rather than f’in them up. And so what if you did! But you keep throwing them away…so much so, that you have the audacity to say that all the past is gone and you’ve nothing left. Any time you choose my friends, any moment you choose, is your forever NOW. I suggest you stop wallowing on the razors edge of “yeh but” and “NO” get all over “Hell yeh” before “now” get’s here “later” than “sooner.” I have no time for later, less time for the past.

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