Happiness – Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

I hear so many exchanges about “happiness” here in the amphitheater of social media. It is everywhere spoken – so much, that we fail to take a breath as we speak of it – it fills space with an abundance like oxygen, yet we suffocate as if it is absent altogether. Ironic. Herman Hesse wrote, “…happiness is a how, not a what; a talent, not an object…” I subscribe that happiness is the cause, not the effect; and still the “best” flavor of happiness seems to finish with a taste of gratitude on it. I find it odd that we know ourselves least, when we are confounded by why we are so happy and to whom we should be thankful. Ah, it is “I” that am the cause of happiness…so “I” am the effect! Take time to listen to what is inside, least spoken.

One evening, I came upon a Lovely Dreaming Fox – I paused and spoke, “Fox, imagine if water were happiness and you were a fish…would you sooner die drowning, than from thirst?” The fox stirred and thought for a moment… “Clearly, in either case, I would be miserable as a fish, which only reminds me of how happy I am to be a fox…”

How Parafoxical.

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