Enter 2015

Morning reflections as we enter 2015:

Civilization has evolved over time – and as I reflect on the present, I’ve never found a conflict between these religions where there wasn’t first an abandonment of faith. Each closes their eyes in prayers, and becomes blind to their differences and appeals to the same God. Each partakes of water and fruit from the same tree of which none solely own. Each knows humility and hope, as they kneel and rise again from the same earth, toward the same sky. Each blessed with differences, unified in their preaching of peace.

The energy it takes to wade through the morass of facts behind law and justice, depletes us of our morality. This creates a drifting world, of victims and perpetrators. Until every perpetrator becomes a victim and every victim, a perpetrator. My we regain our reverence for stillness, and silence and mystery…and but God. Such a silly thing is a thing such as God, unless It is still and silent and a mystery in your heart. That’s how I shall be first, that’s how my children will be first. We will not raise our voices until the wind comes from that Pristine Abode in our hearts. Then shall we speak.

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2 Responses to Enter 2015

  1. heartful and truth… our mystery of life… beautiful words… 😉