story of you (auto-writing on the tracks)


The story of you is mentioned in
A polished mirror
My story is the collision of what I say and what you hear
My expanding wasteline is filled with regrets
And fallen rose petals

I am just words. Poorly wrapped
with a brain as a bow. It falls off

as my story smears behind me
In blood stains from open wounds

from many of life’s steel shaft arrows
And ricochet of plans gone awry.

Dragged, a jumping bean, I’m peeled
On a string tied to the back of banana seat

Life stays two paces ahead of me
And I followed close on it’s diamond heels

A zero sum game
With wins and loss of the same

It took two fools to end a courtship,
A barrister or a softer pair of lips

From each window of the M1 northbound
Life’s pageantry of dreams from the incubus

Passing by, stop by stop
Wondering, Which one’s mine
where do I get off
when does this sentence end.

When does life stop taking tiny sips

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