Revelations Along the Path: First Soliloquy

Along the spiritual path, we delve into realms

That send tiny truth fairies to us – like wisps of snow
Polishers, sharpeners, honing stones, tuning forks
They make us sensitive and aware and yet it is subtle
The affects of the spiritual journey
Are not printed on our foreheads, glistening in our eyes
We cannot go to the physical mirror and say
I am on “on the path,” no
They are manifested deep within and so are not visible
Not to the physical eye, not at first
Not even to one’s self.
And slowly, we become aware of this dusting of truth
We realize, we are in something huge
And if awareness of one’s “new awareness”
is not maintained with care, practice, meditation, prayer
Then everything enters; the outside world finds access
Even the base, the jealousy, the envy, the sloth…
Such deepening “sensitivity” and awareness means
Darkness is apt and welcome to follow
in the shadow of light.
If the path is toward light,
then that is the intent of your journey
That is where you go, because
You are where your consciousness is.
There will be darkness along the way,
The brightest caves have walls lined
With dark crags and holes
(*and as I just wrote this line someone’s phone just rang with their chime,
A song by AC/DC called, “Back in Black” and chills run through my body…HE listens.)
But do not believe that darkness must be your path to light
Light is the path to light,
It’s absence is also the path of light.

For some time since this awakening
I find
Many things affect me now
The moon, the sun.
All celestial entities
I’m driven to smile at the smiles on faces of others
Acts of compassion that I witness
I see someone and I sense their temperament
Intentions, softness, intellect, heart
While I’ve not by any means mastered this
I have enough that I must be cautious
To not let ego lead me to believe to hastily
This is a fragrance before the taste
All these sensations are nonetheless
And the sounds of their essence
are growing louder

I’ve been given tools
Even with “tinkering,” I’ve become
More honed, sharpened, polished, tuned…
But there is more to occur, much more.

But first, I must realize these
Through observation
Burn with these, through prudence
And patience.
And most importantly, to do this,
To come closer to God and feel
The trust in that I am worthy
of experiencing these ultra sensitivities.

As I learn to read truth
I see it in the revelation of the message.
When I see with my heart
The true teacher appear before my eyes
When I learn to love
Love will teach me
To learn everything.

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