Ramblings of a Majnun Part 2

Our present state is often a manifestation of waiting for something or someone in the future. And sadly we measure our waiting in hours, days and years… not deeds. We braid our thoughts into beautiful strands of words, tie them into bows around packages of hope and place them at the feet of God. Faith is not a gift we give, but one we receive.

Seek to know the many attributes of the giver, if you ever want to receive.

The body is inside the soul, the soul within the spirit, the spirit within the heart. What matters to you therefore will matter to everything. You cannot go to the mountain, the mountain is within you you. Hearts have hardened as the minds sharpened. I understand now … my children are my calling – what has been given up so that I might have them can never be returned. I gave up love for love. And that’s all it is… it requires no medium through which to travel… one thing that is never diminished… love. So much so, that one wonders if there was ever any “body” there at all; love casts a shadow made of light.

There is a form of learning that makes us “aware” but the true lesson for that kind of learning is beyond awareness.

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2 Responses to Ramblings of a Majnun Part 2

  1. Beautiful words.. 😉 by listening and participating with your heart, life will gift you with “another way of knowing” and change you forever.. <3