My Daughters Thirteenth Birthday

Dear Camberlyn (Birthday girl)

So what do you think of this very memorable past year little thing…or perhaps now I’m not able to call you that as you round 13 years. It’s been a wonderful year in ways you can only begin to count with tears, laughter, discovery, and inexplicable joy. You’ll make 13 the luckiest number of them all!

Darling, you experienced some moments that few adults have been able to handle in their lifetimes. And you have taken this in with a gentle burgeoning maturity that seems to come from the deepest places in your heart – where secrets dwell. How gracefully and modestly you handle new friendships, your studies, and insatiable appetite for reading. I know with all assurance that your mother is smiling upon you, happy, and proud of her daughter just as I am.

I am humbled by the loving ways in which you are unfolding into a young little lady. You should know I admire you and that when you smile at me, your reflection in my eyes lasts for a hundred* heart beats after you walk away.

You’ll always have me by your side, I promise, and no one will ever make you a promise the way your dad does. I will always keep you surrounded by love and enlightenment – as you journey from your head to your heart – can you see it now sweetheart?

“..if anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our desiring will look, lift your face and say… ‘ like this’ .” Rumi 

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