Killing time

aysha farooq pilotOppression is a disease to be eradicated.  Sadly humans are carriers.  But if this (photo of Pakistani female pilot, Ayesha Farooq) were an American male fighter pilot, flag on his helmet, in an American F-16 going on the same bombing run against the Taliban, would we “feel” the same way?  Fighting oppression (of which killing becomes part) does not require a political regime;  it requires first and foremost humans united under a moral ideology based on equality and freedom – vice imperialism, fascism.  And even this has loopholes – I shouldn’t have to fight to be who I have always divinely been.  
Ayesha’s achievement seems to represent the condition of women (especially Muslim women) taking up the cause on their own behalf.  She is not exercising her right to kill, but her right to live.  Despite her “uniform,” she doesn’t seek to reign over nations, but live equally among everyone.  If she could end oppression without firing a single missile, I’m sure she’d be grateful and so would I.   Like oppression, the natural entitlement of living free, comes with the unnatural ultimatum to kill. Thank goodness for the balance. 
Malala Yousafzai delivering a speech to the Pakistani congress or UN is not unlike Ayesha Farooq delivering ordinance on a Taliban guerilla training camp – may both their aims be accurate… but may Malala’s blast radius be widest!
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